Naturally adventurous and outdoorsy, passionate about my patients and love a challenge!

It’s hard to sum myself up in one line but I guess that’s a good start!

I grew up in England, on a sheep and beef farm, riding horses in my spare time. As with lots of little girls, my dream was to be a vet and that became a reality when I graduated from the Royal Vet College in London. From donkeys in Morocco to racehorses in Sydney, I’ve since worked all over the world with a huge mix of equids and people. It’s been a lifelong passion!

Many years as a first opinion and referral equine vet, including in the UK, USA and Australia, has exposed me to countless episodes of the weird and wonderful things that horses and owners alike can do. It brings me joy to share this wealth of experience with you.

Aside from looking after my horsey patients, I’m also involved in equine research to further our knowledge of how to better treat certain diseases. Outside of veterinary pursuits, you’ll find me soaring in my paraglider or mad-venturing with my Dalmatian, Milo.

This short video is how I feel about being an equine vet: