There’s an awful lot of misinformation and conflicting evidence out there about horse health and husbandry. It’s easy to get bogged down in it all. I want to make it straight forward to find simple, well-researched information about how to care for your horse.

In this blog, I aim to provide some good solid facts from an experienced horse vet and cut through some of the chaff on important issues. Over the coming months, I will be posting about common questions I encounter on a daily basis and current topics in the horse industry. From the most common causes of weight loss and what to put in your first aid box, through to what to expect with a pregnant mare and tips on worming your horse that’s suddenly impersonating a giraffe!

A little about me! I grew up on a sheep and beef farm in England, riding horses in my spare time. My dream to be a vet was fulfilled when I graduated after 5 years in London. From donkeys in Morocco to racehorses in Sydney, I’ve since worked all over the world with a diverse and challenging mix of equids and people. It’s been a lifelong passion! Many years in first opinion equine veterinary practice, including the UK, USA and Australia, have exposed me to countless episodes of the weird and wonderful things that horses and owners alike can do. I want to share this wealth of experience with you.

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